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History of Commercial Rubbish Collection


            In May 1953, Allie Ahmad started Commercial Rubbish Collection on a part-time basis.  While the business was getting off the ground, Allie worked full-time for a trucking company in Milwaukee.  By 1958, Commercial Rubbish, as it came to be known, had grown big enough to support Allie, his wife, Beate, and their daughter, Diana, without having to work two jobs.

            Between 1958 and 1979, Allie ran the business with the assistance of Beate who took care of the office work.  In 1979, Allie’s first-born son, Tom, started working with him “on the route.”  With Tom now in the business, a second truck was added to the company.  The company continued to be successful and soon added recycling to their portfolio.  Mike, Allie’s second son, joined the business in 1985.  Six years later, Allie sold Commercial Rubbish to Tom and Mike and started to prepare for retirement.  In 1993, Allie officially retired leaving Tom and Mike in complete command of the forty year old company. 

            Today, Commercial Rubbish is the oldest independently owned hauler in Milwaukee.  It remains family-owned and run.

March 1957

March 1957

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